Dorcas sits pensively at her door step with her children thinking where her day’s food is going to come from. Dorcas is 28 years, married with two children and her husband is a casual labourer. Pap Onditi is a dry area throughout the year with little rainfall and little economic activities going on. Dorcas  and her husband scramble for the few casual jobs available but sometimes, such jobs are not there. Life is hard for her and her family to provide for her family the most basic needs like daily food, clothing, healthcare.  She dropped out of a training course on early child development (ECD) due to lack of money for course fees, though from time to time she still organises lessons for children at her house.  She is appealing for some financial assistance to start a small scale business to support her family. She loves teaching children and still hope that her dream of working with children will come to pass.

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