It’s a new day as Eunice opens her small hotel business to her customers a long the road side within the community. Her hope is to make some money for at least a meal for her children and grandchildren. In her own words “I’m Eunice Akumu, a widow for over 15 years since my husband passed away. My husband was the sole breadwinner for the family of 8 children when he passed away.  I was left with the sole responsibility of providing for the children and it has not been easy. Life has been hard with daily hustle to provide for the family. Since I did not have any income of my own or savings, I decided to start this small business of preparing hot food and sell along the road side here. At least I can get some money to support my children though the income is so meagre to cater for all their basic needs. It’s better than doing nothing or just sitting at home. My children need me and I have to struggle every day and not give up. My hope is a better tomorrow for them”.

Eunice (in white dress above) is receiving her sheep on the 29th October 2018 during the launch. She is one of the beneficiaries of the “One Goat One Family project”. 

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